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  • Welcome to gaudi

    Our company is a professional home appliance manufacturer in Zhejiang of China. We focus on working with clients to meet their needs. Located in Jiaxing of Zhejiang, we are near to Shanghai and Ningbo and have convenient access to major transportation networks, with rich materials and communication resources.

    New Product

    First-rate hardware facilities fully ensures excellent product quality. Our company has been forging ahead towards an international reputable enterprise by means of modern production workshop and scientific standardized operation procedure.

    So far, every management system based on IS09001 Quality System and 6S Management has formed a complete,strict operating system. We insist on whole production chain, high quality production and sophisticated process and technology.

    • GD-3830 NEW
      Electric Griddle
      GD-3830 NEW
    • GD-5030 NEW
      Electric Griddle
      GD-5030 NEW
    • GD-4228 NEW
      Electric Griddle
      GD-4228 NEW
    • GD-4126A NEW
      Electric Griddle
      GD-4126A NEW
    • GD-4030 NEW
      Electric Griddle
      GD-4030 NEW
    • GD-4423B NEW
      Electric Griddle
      GD-4423B NEW
    • GD-4423A NEW
      Electric Griddle
      GD-4423A NEW
    • GD-4423 NEW
      Electric Griddle
      GD-4423 NEW
    • GD-1216A
      Electric skillet
    • GD-1212A
      Electric skillet
    • GD-15A
      Electric skillet
    • GD-12A
      Electric skillet
    • GD-1216
      Electric skillet
    • GD-1212
      Electric skillet
    • GD-15B
      Electric skillet
    • GD-12B
      Electric skillet
    • GD-3840-7
      Frying Pan
    • GD-3840
      Frying Pan
    • GD-2830
      Frying Pan
    • GD-2718
      Panini Grill
    Our Partners
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