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    Roasts,fries,grills,stews,bakes,and makes one-dish meals

    Base and handles detach and nest in pan for easy cleaning and storing

    12-inch base and high sidewalk provide good cooking and serving capacity,perfect for every meal and entertaining

    Tempered glass cover with stay-cool handle allow skillet to double as a handy buffet server

    Heat control automatically maintains the desired cooking temperature

    Deluxe nonstickflnish,inside and out,provides stick-free cooking and easy cleaning

    Saves energy-it's moreefficient than a range burner or oven.

    Fold down handles to derach skillet pan from base. with handles forded in, the base and handles storein skillet for compact storage.

    Skillet and cover are fully immersible and dishwasher safe wits the heat control removed

    220-240 volts AC 150D watts 50Hz/120V.1400W.60Hz